Seattle Central Library – Volume 1

Camera: Zero 2000 Pinhole (top left and both bottom images) and Diana F+ (top right image)
FIlm: Kodak Portra 400

Seattle Central Library houses a mind boggling amount of books. 1 million(+) of them to be exact, placed upon 9,906 shelves. I’ve personally checked out quite a few hiking and photography books from the extensive collection. The Central Library is about more than just its books and digital collections, the building itself is an architectural beauty. Standing 11 stories tall the Rem Koolhaas designed building is so odd, and so lovely that one struggles to find a metaphor to explain it. 

Diamond shaped windows soar overhead jetting out every which way, casting mirror like shadows across everything below. There is an entire floor painted red, and electric yellow escalators. Viewpoints abound welcoming visitors to explore and experience. Honestly its easy to loose sight of the fact that your inside a library at times, that is until you enter the  general stacks. The ‘Book Spiral’ winds continuously up four floors through a series of shelves without requiring the use of stairs or elevators to move about. It is here the seamless functionality of the Central Library shines.

Easily one of my favorite places to photograph in Seattle, I’ve spent countless hours lost within its confines. Over time I’ve amassed quite a collection of images. This is the first installment of a recurring series showcasing the wonder that is the Seattle Central Library.


About jsodphotography

Seattle based film photographer. Recording light through a pinhole, Holga, and various 35mm cameras.
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8 Responses to Seattle Central Library – Volume 1

  1. jesusjoglar says:

    amazing building and . . . wonderful photographs!

  2. Reblogged this on filmcamera999 and commented:
    ive never been in the library…despite being able to name almost all the downtown streets by heart…well…almost!

  3. kiwiskan says:

    Great library. Would love to see a photo of the outside…

  4. Amazing building, and amazing images. There must be endless motifs in there… Thought provoking, really, and lots of inspiration too! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. wow…great geometry !!!

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