Richard Serra’s Wake

Camera: Canonet QL17 GIIIFilm: Ilford Delta 400

Camera: Canonet QL17 GIII
Film: Ilford Delta 400

Richard Serra’s Wake situated in the valley of the Olympic Sculpture Park is one of my favorite places in the Seattle. On lazy sunny days I often find myself sitting in one of the parks red painted chairs watching the sun dance across the five steel modules as people drift around them.

Camera: Canonet QL17 GIIIFilm: Ilford Delta 400

Camera: Canonet QL17 GIII
Film: Ilford Delta 400

The Wake’s large S-shaped curves create powerful silhouettes which vary drastically depending on the time of day and weather. The ever changing nature of the Wake and its surrounding environment is what keeps me coming back time and again, now two visits are alike. This photograph was taken in the middle of particularly bright winters day, with the sun hanging high overhead. I really like the simplicity of these shots, how the harsh sun light is dancing across the right side of the steel module while leaving the left side seemingly devoid of light.


About jsodphotography

Seattle based film photographer. Recording light through a pinhole, Holga, and various 35mm cameras.
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9 Responses to Richard Serra’s Wake

  1. Jack Lowe says:

    Lovely…they look like the tips of leaves. JL

  2. Strong shape and beautiful contrast.

  3. jesusjoglar says:

    Aha!! Serra’s sculptures in your hands, poetically speaking, brings a nice new look at his magnificent work. I like your compositions/framing and the contrast in both shots!

  4. kiwiskan says:

    Great shapes. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of those sculptures

  5. Marie says:

    Yes, they are very strong, and the imagination is working hard here! Love he shapes and the play with light and shadows.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. gordon says:

    I really enjoy richard serra’s work. I’ll have to visit the sculpture park the next time I’m in Seattle.

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